How To Install Graphics Kit

How To Install Graphic Kit

Self Installation Instruction:

Please note: Professional installation is recommended. If you plan to install your new graphic kit your self, be sure to read through ALL the instructions below before starting. For best results, be sure to be patient! Take your time and Plan on spending a few hours installing your new graphic kit

Instructions How To Install Graphics Kit:

1. New vehicles have a protective residue that MUST be removed before installing your graphic decals
a. Clean all plastic parts with rubbing alcohol to prepare the plastic for adhesion. Follow-up with a soap & water cleaning
2. Before removing paper from the adhesive side of the graphic decal, hold each piece up to your vehicle to get an idea of how they will line up. Make sure you are happy with the fit
a. Helpful Hint: to help your graphic decals to be more pliable, USA blow dryer on the graphic kit pieces just before installing
3. Using a mixture a soapy water ( approximately 10 drops of liquid dish soap in 24 oz. of water ) in a spray the area where you want to your graphic decal
a. Pick a smaller flat piece to start with; gradually apply the graphic piece starting at one end applying pressure all the way across
b. Note: for larger pieces, line it up where you want it than start from the center and work your way outward
4. Massage out all kinks and bubbles using a soft cloth and/or your fingertips
a. For more difficult or contoured areas, use the blow dryer to help stretch the vinyl and ensure optimal adherence
b. Helpful Hint: heat from the blow dryer will also allow the vinyl to more quickly adhere by drying the moisture from the spray bottle
5. While the adhesive begins to cure, watch for kinks and bubbles that may reappear for the next 15 minutes or so. If you can’t rub out the bubbles, you can also use a small puncture from a sewing needle to remove excess air
Important: Be sure to let your new graphics dry for at least 48 hours after installation
Note: Always avoid gas spillage when fueling your vehicle as it will seep under your awesome new graphics and dissolve the adhesive

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