How To Install A New Seat Cover

how to install an atv seat cover

How To Install a Seat Cover? – ATV Seat Cover Installation Step By Step

Every year you need to buy new or different design seat cover for your ATV Quad Bike. You can buy the replacement seat cover for your ATV quad bike from online, but you need to install it yourself, or you need to take it to an upholstery shop near your house.

If we can install the seat cover by yourself, then you can save money. So how to install an ATV seat cover? Let’s go and learn how to install an ATV seat cover.

Things to know before installing your new seat cover:

Before installing your new seat cover, you just need to buy a few materials, it’s one time investments. So don’t be afraid. If you want you can buy it from your near local shop, or you can buy it from Amazon.

Tools Needed:

Note: If you use a hand stapler, press down on the front on the stapler so it will go into the plastic instead of pushing the stapler up and away from the seat

Warning: Do not use glue to secure the cover in any way!

Important Note: The seat cover will stretch to fit better when it’s warm; this is especially important with materials such as diamond plate vinyl.

*** Always be careful not to overheat and melt the vinyl***

Warming Suggestions:

  • Optimal warmer: Steamers will make the material stretch most effectively
  • Other options: Leave it in a warm place or use a blow dryer to warm it up so that it stretches well.

Metal Pans: Some of the older model seats have steel pans rather than the newer plastic. You will need to use the same method that attached the cover that was removed. If the pan is rusted, you can use self-tapping screws to attach the cover to the metal pan.

Installation Steps: please note, when your new cover is lying on top of the seat, it will appear to be 1-3” too short. This is intentional, not a defect and will prevent wrinkles toward the front of the seat

Step 1: Find a clean surface to work on. Make sure the surface does not have any sharp objects or rough surfaces that will damage the vinyl

  • Unfasten the old seat cover
  • Recommend removing staples with a screwdriver and pliers. Hints: I link to pry one side up with the screwdriver and then remove the other side with pliers.
  • Another option, you can use a roofing knife and cut around the outside of the staples, leaving 1” of the old cover on the pan.
  • Metal Pan – Bend up the tabs that hold the cover in place and attach the new cover to the pan.
  • Completely remove the old cover and any excess loose material.

Step 2: Using the staple gun, attaché the seat cover to the front or back of the seat ( either end is fine to start) using 4-5 staples

  • Stretch tightly (front to back), be sure to pull so tight that your cover is lifting 2-3” away from the center curve of the seat. Note: The material is made to stretch front to back, and this is the most important step when installing your new seat cover.
  • Now staple the other end, again using 4-5 staples
    At this point, your new cover should be attached at the front and back, with the material not touching at the center of the seat.

Step 3: Apply heat

  • Heat the material inside the cover, between the cover and the seat.
  • See Warming Suggestions on page 1 of installation steps.
  • Step 4: Fastening the sides- you will need some muscle for this part.
  • While your cover is warm, pull the material tight under your seat and add 2-4 staples on each side in the corner toward the front where it starts to curve up toward the tank.
  • The cover should now be pressed against the seat.
  • Finish attaching the front end of the cover by adding several staples on each side.
  • Pulling tightly to the material left at the back of the seat, stretch the cover from side to side and staple along both sides.

Step 5: Finishing the cover is meant to fit tightly to avoid wrinkling

  • Continue to work your way around the seat smoothing and stretching the material as needed.
  • Carefully trim away excess material, if necessary, with a hobby knife or scissors.
  • Please note, there may be a lot of excess material. Seat foam may shrink with age, and we leave a little extra material to allow for foam to be added

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